lunedì, Agosto 30, 2010 Categoria: Cronache

Missing Lucia Ciocoiu: appello dalla Romania


Hello my name is daniela and i am a friend of the daughter of lucia ciocoiu.i am from romania and i grew up in the same neiberhood with this family .i know there are many bad things that is going on in the world but when i hear about the mother of my friend i could’t believe .she is a very good person working in italy for giving a better futher to her daughter and he deserve justice .a person can’t disapear without trace .the police in italy don’t care about the case because whend a person go missing the first 24 hours are the most important , but in her case past 8 mounths and notingh .i ask for help for my friend to have a closure in her mother case .i ask for the people that read this comment to care about this family that are in pain each day for not noing where is she ,even if she is dead or alive the must know .please start listening and caring about this tragedy .thank you very much

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